WoW Arena Guide

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How the Arena Works

The arena has deathmatch-style PvP matches against even numbers of teams (2v2, 3v3, and 5v5). There are two modes, team battle which are ranked and award special arena points that can be used to purchase various rewards and practice battles which award nothing but allow you to enjoy risk free PvP.

There is no objective in arena matches outside of eliminating the other team. The simple yet majestic beauty of combat wins the day in the arena. There is nothing more here then sword vs. sword, magic vs. magic, and any combination of tactical offense and defense to create a swirling vortex of insanity and bloodlust.

Poetic words out of the way, the arena works like this. You find a goblin Arena Battlemaster who will give you two choices. Skirmish mode and Rated Match mode. The differences in the two are detailed further down. You’ll come to a holding area once a match becomes available and you zone in. All buffs are removed (debuffs are left on), pets are dismissed, and you are given a 60 second buff that removes casting cost of all abilities (things like Mana and Soul Shards). During this time you can prepare for battle.

Once you in zone, abilities that have more then a 15 minute cooldown and any consumable other then Bandages and Star’s Tears can not be used. This is to make fights no rely on hour long cooldown spells and make matches fairer.

Once the preparation time is finished, you will be able to battle it out against the other team. The winner is decided when one side no longer has any players alive. When a player dies they can release into a ghost like spectator mode.

After the battle, if it was a skirmish you’re taken back to where you signed in (after seeing the stats screen). If you were doing a Rated Match then points and rating are awarded at this time.

That’s about it! Not much to it is there? Well, with simplicity comes complexity. The actual fighting itself is the most difficult part of the rules since, well, you have to defeat other teams!