Warrior Guide

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Warriors have a lot of choices when it comes to gear they can use in the arena, before entering the PvP areas and collecting the arena equipment as well as the battleground equipment. You may use your dungeon gear set, or crafted equipment for DPS (or tanking!) - contrary to what everyone might think, a protection warrior can be quite annoying in 2v2 and 3v3 matches, with all the interrupts and high defense they have, so you can still be a main tank and be competitive!

However, if you want to be truly competitive and a menace to the other team, you will need to collect DPS plate, both from PvP rewards and Arena rewards, as well as some instanced content!

A crafted weapon is the weapon of choice for most warriors, if you plan on PvPing a lot, it is suggested you use a Mace crafting spec, so you can take full advantage of the stunning abilities of the same, and give you and your team an extra advantage for a few seconds everytime your mace specialization procs!

Popular Talent Builds

Popular talents in the Arena for Warriors are tipically based on Fury or Arms, almost always having mortal strike as it gives a big help to your team, since you reduce their team's healing by 50%! Damage-dealing abilities are always welcome, since you will be needing to take people out as quickly as possible, or at least, if you're wielding a mace, incapacitate their healer or support!


Focus on one target and try to incapacitate them as much as you can; you will probably be needing to use berserker rage and deathwish (if you have it) to avoid being feared. A common tactic teams without warriors use is to ignore the warrior while focusing his teammate, so they do not give you extra rage. You will be needing to work around this by hitting as hard and fast as you can to get your needed rage and finish whoever you're on!

Don't charge in, always stay in range of your support, or you might get teamed up on and possibly killed - this will be a nonissue as you obtain better gear and resilience, but remember, should you try to go in alone and leave your partner(s) behind, you will be set at a disadvantage!

Always be mindful of paladins, if you can hit them and interrupt them enough, you will force them to use the bubble to save themselves, thus giving you the upper hand for a quick kill of the paladin later.

If you have a shield on, while it is hard to use spell reflect on warlocks, keep an eye on the enemy mages's casting bars, and make sure to return their deadly spells right back at them!