Slash Commands

WoW Article

Basic Commands

Command Effect
/?, /h, /help Lists some in-game help on commands
/a,/assist Assists the current target, targetting what they are targetting
/camp, /logout Logs you out after 20 seconds, returning you to character select
/cast, /spell (spell) Casts the spell or ability
/combatlog Toggles writing of the combat log
/dismount Dismounts you from your mount
/equip (item) Equips the item you specify
/f, /fol, /follow (player) Automatically follows the target you have
/ins, /inspect (player) Inspects your current target
/played Shows your total playtime
/rand, /random, /roll, /rnd (range) Rolls a random number between the range specified, ie; 1-100, if no range is given, it is done 1-100
/tar, /target (target) Targets what you have chosen to, if it's within range
/time Shows current ingame time
/tr, /trade Brings up the trade dialog between players
/use (item) Uses the specified item (including trinkets, etc)
/who (search) Looks up players via name,zone, or guild, ie; /who DarkFact, /who Stranglethorn Vale, /who Tentonhammer Guild

Chat Commands

Command Effect
/e, /em, /emote, /me (text) Emotes an action for your character to do, ie; /em waves hello!
/bg (text) Sends your text to the whole battleground
/c, /csay (channel)(text) Sends text to the specified channel
/g, /gc, /guild (text) Sends text to your guild
/o, /osay (text) Sends text to your officers (must have priviledge)
/p, /party (text) Sends text to your party
/r, /reply (text) Replies to the last player who whispered you
/ra, /raid, /rsay (text) Sends text to your raid
/s, /say (text) Sends text to anyone near you
/send, /t, /tell, /w, /whisper (player)(text) Sends a private message to the player you choose
/sh, /shout, /y, /yell (text) Yells a message, reaches larger areas than /say
/v (macro) Plays the sound that your voice macro (macro) has