Rogue Arena Guide

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As a rogue, your sole role in an Arena match will be to generate enough DPS to kill someone off quickly in the case of a 2v2 or a 3v3, and sometimes you will also be needed to stunlock or "keep out of play" a character or two - to do this, you will be needing maces and a mace specialization. Your stuns will keep the person in check while the rest of the team focuses down other player(s).

Like all classes, you will be needing to obtain your battlegrounds epic resilience items, as well as your arena set. For weapons, while you go obtaining the arena ones, it is advisable you go into dungeons to bump your DPS up as far as you can - if you can do heroics, even better.

While daggers are some of the most common, fist weapons and maces can do just fine, depending on your role, you will need to take up arms accordingly, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with your team before committing to one set of weapons!

Popular Talent Builds

Assassination or Combat are both good for PvPing, try to avoid Sublety as much as you can as burst DPS is only good in the initial matches, and as you transition into longer fights and lessened damage from crits and hits, you will be wanting steady DPS as offered with the other two. As mentioned, mace spec is one of your best bets within the Arena as its stuns can save you giving your critical seconds to use that healthstone, vanish, CLoS, or finishing blow!


Make sure to always have your poisons on your weapons every fight as they disappear in the Arena transitions! and make sure to specify which target you will attempt to either sap, stun, or attack with your party member(s) so they are able to assist you properly. Many just go out and try to attack randomly, ending up countered quickly.

Always save your Cloak of Shadows as much as you can, for a caster, nothing is worse than Cloak of Shadows, and your trinket, all ready when they're trying to get you off of them so they can heal!

Make sure to stay in range of your healer, even if you can vanish and/or cloak of shadows it doesn't mean you will be surviving long after both are out, so stay in range and aim for the fastest kill you can achieve!

If the match is going on for long periods of time, you are able to vanish out and go into one of the entrances, and bandage up! It may not always work, but if it does, that's a good chunk of your life back, enough to get back into the fight and try once more.