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Single Color Gem Listing

The follow Red, Yellow, and Blue listings reflect gems that contain only ONE color. These gems are available in one of three methods.

Vendor: Purchasable directly from a vendor. Most of your common (white) gems are available from multiple vendors that carry unlimited quantities of them. Some of your uncommon gems are located on a person known as Dealer Senzik in Netherstorm. He sales a limited quantity of various uncommon gems each day. When he sales out he’ll restock a different type after a random amount of time.

Jewelcrafting: Jewelcrafters can create a good number of uncommon and rare single color gems. They will, usually, require only one base unrefined gem to create. In our listing we attempt to give you the location of the recipe, which is either gotten from your trainer, bought at a vendor (usually requiring reputation), or from a droped enemy. You can attempt to find out more by searching our item database.

PvP: Certain types of very nice rare quality jewels are available for sale at your factions PvP vendors for honor.