Farming 5,000 Gold within a Week

WoW Article

Here is an epic story by someone who went against the odds and got their epic flyer in a week with a little bit of help from a special someone in their life.

The hunt for 5,200 gold is a long and tedious grind. Why so much? Well an epic flying mount for Outland costs exactly that. It’s an excellent game mechanic if you look at it from a financial perspective. Moving around the game faster allows you to complete objectives faster which in turn helps you get through the content at an accelerated pace. Getting through content slowly is what keeps you playing. So why not take the time you’d save, add some to it, and create a grind of epic proportions to obtain something that has relatively no utility except within Outland where you generally have nowhere to go except daily questing.

Most players spend months farming that much gold up. It’d take 26 days at 200 gold a day (from running daily quests) to reach that goal and if you add in repairs, arrows, food/water, reagents, and other costs like enchants/gems/consumables that’ll easily double the time needed. Most everyone constantly splurges too, so it just adds on and on. That 26 days also includes doing every daily for the Shattered Sun Offensive which takes anywhere between 2 to 3 hours a day. Most players don’t have that much time to just farm gold. Instead they spend an hour doing just the isle which in turn would take you 52 days since you only earn about 100 gold for the Isle of Quel’danas quests only (within the island itself).

I felt that this was too much time. I felt that there was no way that the epic flying mount was worth this much time. Many other players agree with me and a few of them turn to the gold farmers to help them obtain their mount. Gold farmers charge about $100 USD for 5,000 gold. This option is invalid. Not only can you get banned (especially when you turn up with 5,000 gold out of nowhere on your account) but you’re helping the secondary market exploit the game even more. Why do that and take the fun out of the game?

So. What did I do? Well, I came to a conclusion. You earn about 200 gold a day from daily quests. However, if you had 2 characters doing it then you’d earn 400 gold a day. With 3 characters doing it then you’d easily have 600 gold. Most of us only have one level 70 and doing daily quests on three characters would easily take over 9 hours out of your day depending on the classes and your luck.

What if you could do daily quests with two characters at once? Most quests are shared except for mana cells, mana remnants, darkspine chest keys, and the razorthorn roots. Even these go faster with two people. However, how do you even get another person or nay another account willing to hand you over their booty? Well, lucky for me my girlfriend no longer plays and has just that. Two 70s. A Priest and a Mage. That’s a possible additional income of 400 gold in just one day. All she had to do was log on and follow me around and maybe help play here and there.