Guide D'Azeroth - Etiquette Guide

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Using the General Chat Channel:

Remember that it is called General for a reason

Always remember that there are other players in the same zone as you are, and remember that these players have the same access to the general channel as you do. Whilst posting in the general channel feel free to get involved in discussions that are ongoing, however if these discussions are going to be prolonged it is usually best to make your own chat channel and discuss the subject there. Doing this is common courtesy to those who have other needs for the general channel, such as those who are looking for groups or need in game assistance. 

Think before you ask a question

The general channel is a bastion of information; filled with experienced and inexperienced players each with their own experience and knowledge. Definitely feel free to use the general chat as somewhere to ask questions, however try to avoid the obvious. Asking where Sven Yorgen’s Farm is, when there is a place on your map called Yorgen’s Farm will begin to annoy other players who have seen this question asked for the third time in the past hour.

There are many other places that questions like the above can be answered. For example; strategy guides, online databases, forums (such as the ones here at, and even sometimes in the game manual.

Everyone can hear you, everyone can laugh at you

PLEASE, use the general chat as a chat that engages with everyone, do not use it as a back and forth chat between yourself and another person. Remember that Blizzard has made it extremely easy (just by double clicking on the player’s name) to engage in private tells with other players. Discussions over the general channel can be great, just make sure it’s not you and one other person!

It doesn’t matter whose is bigger

My favorite command when it comes to WoW chatting is the “/ignore” command. It makes it easy to stamp out any unwanted comments or chats that appear on my general channel. If someone is being “annoying” in the general channel then, as a courtesy to others, do not reply back in back and forth flames. The best thing to do when someone is annoying you is to ignore the comments or add them to your ignore list.

Use CAPS (capital letters) sparingly

This is the text equivalent of yelling, and should be reserved for situations where politeness must yield to immediate action. And while there might be instances while grouping and raiding that this occurs, there's really no place for it solo.