The Basics of Roleplaying

WoW Article

Online roleplaying has gone on ever since the invention of the ability for two people type a message to one another. MUDs, MUCKs, MOOs, and MMOs have all featured some ability for one person go “Forsooth I could go for a tall ale right about now!” to another while pretending that they were standing within a bar. It wasn’t until Everquest that online roleplaying hit mainstream and even in modern times World of Warcraft players often enjoy the company of one another in a true fantasy environment.

This guide will assume you’re playing in a roleplaying server for all intents and purposes. It’s well known that that roleplaying on a non RP (roleplay) server is generally done in private due to the laid back nature of the normal servers and the fact that many other people will most than likely not choose to join in (therefore ruining the realism). It’s not uncommon to be made fun of for roleplaying in public on a normal server as well by the less mature, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Roleplaying Server Basics

There are some additional rules that cover playing on a roleplaying server. For instance, you’re expected to be “in character” at all times in the majority of channels (/say, /yell, /party, /emote, /whisper to someone you don’t know). This means no talking about your new car or anything that doesn’t involve the Warcraft universe in /say, /yell, /party, or /emote. General Chat (generally /1) is more relaxed but shouldn’t contain any overly OOC (out of character) material.

Things like trade, looking for guild, and private messages are not enforced RP zones and can contain out of character statements. Remember though it’s only a rule violation if someone reports you and Blizzard notices that the breach of in character was done deliberately. If you make a mistake then apologize to whoever was involved. Don’t worry too much about it. If you see someone breaking the rules feel free deliberately feel free to tell them that they’re making a mistake or report them if you feel it severe enough.

Names also have to be medieval/fantasy related. Nothing related to technology (robots, cars, telephones, etc.) or something that you couldn’t easily see wrote in a fantasy novel.

Blizzard doesn’t police the various chat channels. They rely on the community to say when this is too much so you have to report anyone who is breaking the rules enough to deserve Blizzard’s attention. Mostly people who are constantly OOC and refuse to go IC (in character) along with naming violations.

You can read the official policy right here at this link. Be sure to look it over before you embark on a long term stay on a RP or RP-PVP server. You can and will be banned from RP servers (or the entire game) if you don’t watch how you talk (i.e. stay in character) at all times.