Guide to the Auction House

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Bidding on items

Once you find an item you want, and note the price listed, you select it and click either "Bid" or "Buyout" (If possible). Your bid will show up next to the item price, and mention you're the one winning the Auction so far. Your money will be taken and if you win by the end, the item will be mailed to you. If you are Outbid, you will be notified in your chat window, and the money you bid will be sent back to you through mail.

How to create Auctions

To create Auctions, you will need to select the tab below where it reads "Auctions" (There's another for Browsing, which is the one initially selected, and one to track items you're bidding on).

Once you're there, drag the item you want to Auction into the slot at the upper left corner, and drop it there. The game will suggest a price for the initial bid - it is up to you to either modify it or leave it as it is. You may also set a BuyOut Price at this point. Once you are done, select how long the item will remain at the Auction House - the more it stays, the more the deposit will be.

Once you create the Auction, you may create more, if they're the same item (stacks of cloth, or same type), the game will remember your last set price so you don't have to set it up all over again.

Neutral Auction Houses

While Neutral Auction Houses let you sell to the other faction, the auction house profit is also significantly higher due to the goblins and how they run their business, hence, be wary that they will take at least double the Auction House cut on successful transactions!

Auction Tips

Beware of people who put up large stacks of the same items, such as cloth or ore - sometimes, they bump up the price on one of them since they know people will buy in bulk, and make you pay a hefty fee should you not pay attention to the actual price!

It is recommended you use Buy Out prices in your items, as people will be more inclined to pay for your items should you provide a rough estimate of what the item is worth for you.

People play a lot during the Weekend, so you will see more items popping up at higher prices during them. It is recommended you buy during Monday through Friday, and possibly sell during the Weekends where you get more exposure!