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There are more, but I don’t want to waste your time with the full list because there are many other jRPGs with a heap of sidequests and a lot to do other than the main story events. This is piled on top of the already lengthy 30-50 hours of gameplay just for the main game. Now, let’s move on to World of Warcraft.

In WoW you level up until you hit the max level at which point you can either choose to raid or PvP or make a new character. There are raids to play through, but it is optional, but much of the game’s real content is locked out to you unless you get gear from the raids. In vanilla and The Burning Crusade this was mostly only for the dedicated few who wanted to work hard at gearing up. Things have changed with Wrath of the Lich King and these optional dungeons are now pretty much considered part of normal character progression.

This leads to the current casual vs. hardcore argument, nay, war that’s ongoing. Casuals make the argument that they should have access to all of the game content and nothing should be locked out from those with a limited amount of gaming time and/or skill. The hardcore players argue that content should be restrictive to those who want to earn it and should be an accomplishment and not something you can just walk in and do.

I think, on the other hand, we should see more Ultima Weapons in the game. Let everyone run through the latest raids. Sure hard modes give something for people to work for, but it’s the same content you’ve already completed. Completing it on a harder difficulty may be enough for some, but even the casuals can do some hard modes. That’s why we should see more optional content that’s impressively difficult and reserved for those who care enough to attempt it.

Let’s take Onyxia and turn the encounter into something extremely hard and stick it somewhere in the world with an open invitation to come and try it. Why Onyxia? Because Blizzard really, really likes Onyxia since we’re getting a new dragon dungeon with *cough more Onyxias* more dragons coming up soon. Anyway, I digress, back to the point. Let’s make each of her hits connect to the tank who isn’t capable of holding aggro and instantly KOs members of the raid at random. When she flies off let’s blow everyone up leaving them with only 10% health and then send in massive waves of welps and a deep breath. Let’s also add an insane enrage timer and let her rip off buffs at random.

Now, a simple encounter with a large gimmick (you’ll need a ton of Druids to have a chance and more tanks than normal) that changes things up a bit and is a major accomplishment if you do it. Let her drop insane loot as well to reward those that do it and of course a nifty title. Legendary encounters like this would help break apart the casual vs. hardcore war by giving the hardcore players what they want, something that no one can do, while appeasing the casuals by giving them raiding. Keeping these legendary bosses separate from the main game would keep things varied and remove the stagnation we all currently feel.

After all, the point of an MMORPG is to chase that carrot on a stick but never get to bite down on it. If you bite down on the carrot then you’ll just stand still with a smug look of victory across your face. While that feeling is euphoric for a bit, it doesn’t last, because there is no more carrot to chase. A feeling many players are experiencing now.

My idea isn’t new of course. Guild Wars ran with something similar in its Underworld dungeon. One of my many infamous internet acts was to jokingly come up with a way to solo farm the instance by making your HP exactly 1 then loading up on regeneration spells so that your HP would never drop below 1. This joke lead to the creation of the original Invincible Monk that farmed incredibly difficult enemies solo for massive rewards.

Gimmick fights like that still require extra dedication and keeps things interesting. They give you more to do and something to work towards. Something I think that WoW needs more of. After all, I have to ask why we should bother logging in at this point if most of us have already downed Arthas. Do we need more leveling gear for Cataclysm? What is driving us?

I hope that Cataclysm will have a lot more hardcore optional content in it for people like me who want things to do that are challenging while maintaining a steady stream of casual content for people who don’t. Sure, like I said, hard modes work but fighting the same encounters again in a different way doesn’t feel more fulfilling to me. Plus, if you do an instance on normal, you feel a sense of completion. Hard modes aren’t the same as other content sitting out there unfinished, at least to me.