WoW Cataclysm Undercity Tips

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Standing so that you’re looking up the walkway leading to the entrance to the Undercity, better known as the Ruins of Lordaeron, it appears that not much has changed. Flags bearing the Forsaken banner still line the road, and despite some brightening thanks to the changed environment of Tirisfal Glades, the Undercity looks as gloomy and forlorn as ever. On a second glance, however, one will notice that there are some new towers peaking over the top of Undercity’s walls, perhaps promising changes on the interior instead.

Moving through the entrance tunnel into the Ruins of Lordaeron proper the first thing that caught my eye is the myriad of towers dotting the horizon just beyond courtyard leading deeper into the city have been removed, the dome that was once in the background is pushed forward and the walls on the opposite side of the courtyard are now sporting small towers.

The side walls and stairs of the courtyard have also changed although what change has specifically been made is hard to put your finger on. While there are new towers rising beyond the walls, the sides themselves seem brighter somehow, pushed forward and less easily ignored. However, looking just a bit closer players will discover to their glee that both, not just one, of doorways on either side of the courtyard are now thrown wide open.

The doorway on the right side of the courtyard leads to, as it always has, an Orb of Translocation, which leads to Silvermoon City. Nothing else appears to have changed in this area.

Moving to the left side of the courtyard, the excitement mounts, as the hopes of exploring Lordaeron’s ruins take over only to be dashed almost instantly. While the door here has indeed been opened, or more literally broken down, the door just beyond still remains firmly closed. Perhaps this way will be opened later.

Moving through the front entrance players will find their surroundings much as they remembered them, a bell still lies broken as you walk inside, chunks of wall litter the ground and the throne room beyond lies just as empty and deserted as it always has been. No new entrances to the rest of the ruins turn up here.

Deep inside the Undercity itself a familiar site will greet your eyes, as the inside of the Undercity remains unchanged. The elevators are still as they once were, the lake of green goo is still bubbling, the NPCs remain unmoved and even Sylvanas herself appears untouched by Cataclysm. The only notable change inside of Undercity is the ability to fly, which I will admit makes travel inside the city much less of a headache.

With this I moved back outside and resigned myself to the fact that in order to get a glimpse of the rest of the ruins I would have to make use of the ability to fly. Just beyond the walls of the courtyard players will find the remains of Lordaeron, a once proud city, now an eerie reminder of days of old.

Despite the ruined state of the buildings players can get a feel of the majesty that was once Lordaeron. However, you are never able to forget the tragedy that took place here, as blood still stains the ground and the statues, once great works of art, have all been beheaded in a very telling form of vandalism.

Near the back of the newly opened ruins players will discover that the Forsaken have taken up residence here, setting up tents and bringing in plague machines that never would have fit in the crowded Undercity. While there are currently no Forsaken at this small encampment, we can only assume that eventually they will appear.