The 5 Best Things to Do as A Tank

WoW Article

Many players pick up tanking for different reasons. Some like the control, some like the sense of indestructibility against normal enemies, and others switch to tanking roles simply so they can find groups faster. No matter your reasoning for being a tank there are several things you can do that make you a better or worse tank. We have all heard horror stories of tanks that pull before the groups is ready, pull whole wings when not geared for it, and more. We have also all joined groups where the tank just seems to know what they are doing perfectly and runs through an instance with ease.

What separates the two extremes between these types of tanks? Quite simply there are 5 really good things that a tank should do and 5 really bad things that a tank should avoid. If all tanks followed at least this basic list life would be far simpler for everyone.

Let’s start out on the negative first and then move to the positive.

Be prepared – While this sounds so simple, you would be amazed at the number of tanks that do not do this simple little thing. Be Prepared. What does it mean exactly though? I sum it up as all the little things like making sure you are repaired and have your tanking gear with you. It also includes things like bring food and drink (if you are a Paladin and need mana), flasks, elixirs, potions, bandages, reagents, and anything else you could possibly need. While many of the items you may not need, and probably won’t if it is a simple instance, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Plan your pulls – Make sure that you know which creature in each pull should die first, second, third. Know which if any should be CC’ed or kited away from a group. If the pull is difficult for your group then make sure you mark them to make it clear what the order is. Have a set kill order such as Skull, X, Triangle, Square, Moon. Whatever order you decide, just make it clear.

In general healers should be the first to die in any group, or they should be CC’ed if you do not want to deal with them. After that you want to deal with any AoE damage dealers and any enemies that can CC, stun, or fear you. Last on the list are single target melee damage dealers since they are generally the easiest to tank. There are exceptions to this obviously, but you can learn those as you work your way through different instances. This is a solid base to run on.

A Paladin Tank in gearKnow your group and their abilities – More than any other class, when you play a tank you need to know (and are expected to know) what the other classes are capable of at all times. You really need to understand the mechanics of all the other classes, not just yours. You need to know who can CC what and when, who can backup heal effectively, who can kite an enemy, who can burst something down quickly, and much more. As a tank, assume you will be expected to know it all so that when something goes wrong you know who to call on to get you out of it.

Do gear appropriate content – This is a simple one. Make sure you are not trying to tank content that is over what you are ready and able to do. Do not push up your gear score artificially just to try to get in and tank a TOC 25 man when you just turned 80 the day before. With the simplicity of getting gear in today’s game and how reliant people are on gear score for invites it is easy to abuse the situation and slip in. Be respectful, do what you are able to or you are just wasting other people’s time. On the flip side, do not rely on just gear score to tell you what you can do. If this is a second tanking character for you and you know you can tank it, go ahead, after all skill is greater than gear score any day.

Research – As a tank your job is almost as much out of the game as in the game. You need to learn as much as you can constantly about tanking techniques, tanking builds, boss fights, strategies, and more. As a tank you will generally be in charge of what is going on, so make sure you know enough to be able to handle it.

As you can see, life as a tank is not just about instant groups through the looking for group tool. There are a lot of things you need to watch for and learn as you go along, and this guide just covers the absolute basics. As the last point showed, probably the biggest part of being a good tank is the research you do out of the game.