Arathi Basin Battleground Guide

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Welcome to Arathi Basin!

Grab a sword, staff, or bow and head out to battle! Your side needs you to secure resources located inside of the Arathi Basin. Arathi Basin hosts a 15 vs. 15 battle over resources which the other side desperately needs to fuel the warfront elsewhere. You can join the battle starting at level 20 (5 brackets of 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and level 70) to assist either the League of Arathor (Alliance) or the Forsaken Defilers (Horde). Constant fast paced battles are the main draw to this excellent and quick game.

So escape the level grind today! Give Arathi Basin a try, you will not be disappointed. The one thing to note is that you should wait until the higher level range of each bracket as you will be a liability to your team if you are level 40 in a 40-49 bracket, you really should be at least at the mid point.

Arathi Basin Rules

Each team begins with zero resources and work towards gaining 2,000 in order to win. There are five ‘resource nodes’ located within Arathi Basin that when captured provide resources every few seconds (exponentially, the more nodes controlled the faster it goes). To capture these nodes, simply activate the flag at the resources located. It has an activation time of ten seconds and any damage done to the person activating the flag will interrupt them.

All nodes start out in a neutral state, with no owners. After each node has been claimed then it’s officially owned by the faction that claimed it. Anyone who seeks to assault the location will have to activate the flag and place the node is a “in conflict” status. The defenders have exactly one minute to reclaim the node before its ownership is transferred to the attackers. If a node is reclaimed while it’s in conflict, then that side instantly regains ownership of the node. While a node is “in conflict” it provides no resources at all to anyone.

If any players die during the game then they have the option of releasing to the nearest graveyard. Each side has a graveyard at their starting location, just outside of the exit portal. Each graveyard has a spirit “rezer” that will resurrect any players within their radius. Furthermore, each resource node has a graveyard located nearby that works only for the side that owns it.

At certain intervals of resources you will gain honor and reputation.